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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Join us Sunday, October 16th at 5 pm Eastern – 2 pm Pacific when master storyteller JENNA BLUM will be our guest for the hour on THE HALLI CASSER-JAYNE SHOW WITH MOJOE. Oprah Winfrey included author JENNA BLUM on her list of Oprah’s Top Thirty Women Writers, and Oprah was right.

JENNA BLUM’S matchless ability to tell a story is equal only to her brilliant insight into the spectrum of human emotion. Blum’s New York Times and #1 international bestselling tour de force, THOSE WHO SAVE US is a classic of modern American prose.

Her latest work is THE STORMCHASERS, a powerful and provocative novel that explores the most intimate and mysterious of family relationships – the bond between twins. THE STORMCHASERS, which has garnered extensive critical praise and which Jenna researched by chasing tornadoes for five years with stormchase company, Tempest Tours, is also an international bestseller.

When Jenna is not on the road speaking and stormchasing, she divides her time between Boston, where she teaches master novel workshops for Grub Street Writers, and Minnesota, where she writes in the rural town in which her mom and grandmother were born.

Author, teacher, adventurer, mentor, JENNA BLUM will be sharing her talent and wisdom with us Sunday, October 19, 2011 5 pm ET.

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