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Thursday, July 7, 2011



Monday, July 4, 2011


Hot time, it's summer in that big city on the Potomac where the deer and the antelope don’t play well together. And where lately seldom is heard an encouraging word and the skies are cloudy with smog most days.

Tra la la.

There seems that there is nothing but bad news raining down on our 4th of July parades. These days there are only dire tales of hot chat, hot tempers, hot-headedness, hot as the dickens false rhetoric sprinkled on America by the phonies in the hot-seat sitting in Congress, running our over-heated government whose debt is about to implode.

Hot Potato!

Can you tell that I am hot under the collar, bristling at the idiots in charge of our futures who can’t even share a hot tamale without getting into a fight?

Eric Cantor, that hot-headed Republican Majority leader of the House of Representatives from that sizzling city of Richmond, Virginia threw up his hands recently and walked away from the budget talks screeching in his hot Southern drawl like Maggie the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof that the talks had reached an “impasse.”


Hot cross Southern drawl buns.

Yes, Leader Cantor, there is an impasse. You caused the impasse when you got all hot and bothered and hot-tailed-it out of the budget talks because YOU refused to compromise and agree to raise taxes on those who can well-afford a tax hike. And you did it for purely political, purely selfish motives.

Cantor, it seems, is a scardi-cat on a hot tin roof, terrified of the right wing of his own hot Tea Party, not wanting to be the responsible public servant and do what is right and left – agree to raise taxes on the wealthy as part of the mix to bring the deficit under control– rather than compromise his leadership position in the House.

Hot Shot, not!

Meanwhile, the normally cool cat President Barack Obama finally stepped up to the hot-plate and appeared all hot and heavy, clearly not happy when the Republicans hot-tailed it out of the budget talks. He went all hot under the collar when in an unusual daytime presser he tore into the Republicans for walking away from the budget talks, accusing them of being more infantile than his two young daughters.

According to the boiling hot President, Sasha and Malia are more responsible than the errant Republicans because they know better than to wait until the last minute to finish their homework assignments. August 2nd is looming hot on the tails of the American government and Republicans seemed poised for an all-nighter or default.

Hot Big Dog! You tell ‘em!

Apparently, some on the left like their president hot. The Dems are feeling hotter about their president than they have in months, lefty bloggers encouraging their new sizzling leader to stick to his hot guns and not give in to the Republicans in the deficit talks. Yes there have to be revenue cuts, the Dems agree, but there also have to be tax hikes.

You see, it’s called compromise, not exactly a hot topic on Capitol Hill these days, where cool heads do NOT prevail.

Hot diggity dog!

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